Corporate Profile


Advanced measurement environment
for the best manufacturing
Established in 1977

We started out as a prototype processing factory.
1987:Established a small-lot mass production factory.
This photo was taken in 1993, before we moved to current location.
1991:Started experiments on precision casting.
1999:High-grade aluminum sand mold casting factory completed.
As a total manufacturer of prototypes, we provide high quality products using innovative casting technology, highly skilled processing technology, and reliable measurement technology.

Company Name Asanuma Giken Co.,Ltd.
Representative Company president Asanuma Susumu
Headquarters Location 4079-1 Koto-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu Shizuoka, 431-1103 Japan
Founded September 1, 1977
Incorporated October 1, 1978
Capital 314.1 million yen
Employees 70
Business Description
  • Prototype production for transportation equipment
  • Precision aluminum sand mold casting, machining
  • Production and sale of daily check tool for CMM
  • Commissioned measurement
  • Gauge block calibration
  • Group company Asanuma America, LLC.
    7310 Turfway Rord Suite 550 Florence,KY 41042,U.S.A.

    1977.09 Current company president founds AsanumaGiken as a private business
    1977.10 Asanuma Giken Co.,Ltd is established with 3 million yen of capital
    1993.08 Factory moves to its current location
    1998.09 Accredited ISO 9002 certification
    1999.04 High-grade aluminum sand mold casting factory completed
    1999.09 Capital increased to 314,100,000 yen
    2000.05 Accredited by the Minister for International Trade and Industry in accordance with the JCSS(Japan Calibration Service System) Measurement Law
    2003.01 Accredited NVLAP as Quality Master calibration laboratory (Lab Code:200536-0) HQ/Quality Assurance Dept.
    2005.08 Received a special award from METI at the first Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards
    2006.04 Designated as one of 300 Dynamic Monodzukuri Small and Medium-sized enterprises by METI
    2007.08 Received first prize from METI at the Second Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards
    2010.06 Received the 2010 Technology Award from the Japan Foundry Engineering Society
    2011.06 Received the 2011 Commendation for Science and Technology, Technology Category from the Japan Foundry Engineering Society
    2013.01 Developed a hybrid metal and sand mold, and innovative casting technology
    2013.10 Accredited NVLAP as a gauge block calibration laboratory (Lab Code:200536-0) HQ/Quality Assurance Dept.
    2016.10 Established second production factory
    2017.12 Designated as the driving company for the regional future by METI
    2018.05 Opened a representative office in Kentucky, USA
    2019.05 Established ‘Asanuma America , LLC.’ in Kentucky, USA
    2019.11 Received the Sokeizai Industry Technology Award from Sokeizai Center
    2019.12 Accredited NVLAP as OES analysis(AC4C) laboratory (Lab Code:200536-0) HQ/Casting Dept.