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Aluminum CASTING

Asanuma Giken produces prototype and low volume production castings for a wide variety of industries. We specialize in the rapid manufacture of prototype castings; our state-of-the-art foundry is highly equipped to make accurate castings in the least amount of time.
Prompt delivery through an integrated system

We can manufacture prototype parts with our in-house infrastructure from sand mold aluminum gravity casting, heat treatment to machining and measurement. Since we have heat treatment facilities in our foundry, we can provide heat treatment and quenching under customer-specified conditions as well as JIS standards.


heat treatment

To improve the material performance of cast aluminum, each casting must undergo a heat treat process. In addition to JIS standards, we can also provide heat treatment and quenching under customer specified conditions. Solution and age-hardening treatment can be performed with a high degree of flexibility in terms of temperature, time, and hot water quenching.
Optical Emission Spectroscopy analysis

Using an optical emission spectroscopy machine that can analyze multiple elements in the metal simultaneously with high accuracy, we inspect the material thoroughly for each casting furnace. We are also the first company in Japan to be accredited for the 'NVLAP Fasteners and Metals Program' (lab code:200536-0) in the field of emission spectroscopic analysis of AC4C, a JIS standard for aluminum alloy castings. (Casting Section, Head Office)


japanese Craftsmanship with Exceeding Expectations

We not only pursue the accuracy of our products, but also offer the best benefits to our customers, such as manufacturing of materials based on mold layout with mass production in mind, determination of appropriate tolerances, material strength and shape confirmation, to achieve true total cost reduction and high quality.
Fully equipped with major CAD software

Asanuma Giken has a full lineup of major CAD software, including CATIA V5, NX, Creo, etc., and can handle a variety of native 2D and 3D data.
We can also modify CAD data such as slope and fillet, and provide material data upon request.


material data as you like

Leave it to Asanuma Giken to set the elongation value in anticipation of solidification and shrinkage and to modify CAD data. We can provide you with the most suitable material data with both castability and workability by utilizing our integrated system.
Optical non-contact measurement system

A camera-type non-contact measuring machine is used to inspect the external shape of castings. By superimposing the obtained point cloud data on the 3D data of the product, it is possible to accurately and quickly check the differences in the color map from the complex overall shape of the free-form surface to twists and tilts that are difficult to determine visually. We will provide the verification results as contour data in the form of a color map.

Visual comparison with CAD Detailed dimensional inspection by cross-sectional evaluation
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