Quality Master

The guardian of quality

Daily Check Tool For CMM


Do you have confidence in the accuracy of your CMM?

Easy maintenance of CMMs with only 10 minutes of measurement !
Simple and easy !

Our "Quality Master" was created so that CMMs can be checked in a simple and easy way, even on a daily basis. The main feature of this product is that it allows measurement evaluation by "surface, circular, and cylindrical measurement" of three-dimensionally arranged high-precision holes. In actual workpiece measurement, the attitude of the probe head doesn’t stay in one direction. It is to be measured using the four directions of probe head, which enables users to recognize the attitude error as well.



Quality Master has achieved traceability with National Standards. Inspection using our traceable, national standard-compliant gauge assists you in reducing costs.
Customers' utilization Examples

1. Use of CMMs in pre-start inspections.
2. Checking the accuracy of CMMs between regular and periodic calibrations.
3. Clarification of adjustment and repair details in the event of CMM problems.