Business Descriptions

In-house infrastructure from casting to machining and measurment




Since its founding, Asanuma Giken has endeavored to provide world-class manufacturing techniques, and has worked to put in place an integrated production process with each step from casting, machining, measurement, through to inspection following standardized criterion for length. As a provider of complete prototype production, Asanuma Giken uses innovative casting technologies and well-honed processing techniques to deliver high-quality products utilizing certified, accurate measuring techniques.
Aluminum Casting

We can manufacture prototype parts with our in-house infrastructure from sand mold aluminum gravity casting, heat treatment to machining and measurement. Our vertically-integrated manufacturing services have reduced the number of man-hours to arrange for a person in charge and significantly shortened delivery times.


Aluminum CASTING / high-mix low-volume production

From one part to several hundred, we can fill your low-volume parts order with speed and ease. Aluminum sand casting is particularly suitable for prototypes from one or two pieces up to 100-200 pieces.Please feel free to contact us so that we can help plan and advise on the most efficient way to manufacture your components.
Collaborate, Innovate, Accelerate.

Our team collaborate with you to improve the manufacturability of prototypes and production parts, always striving for the best balance of function, cost and delivery. By confirming the data and drawings, we can identify issues and points for improvement in the manufacturing method and propose the most appropriate way. All of this is done to accelerate your product development.


Measurement service

A special air conditioning system is used to keep the temperature in the measurement room strictly controlled at 20°C ±0.5°C throughout the year. We offer a wide range of measurement services, including commissioned measurements, pre- and post-durability tests, special shape measurements, and calibration of gauge blocks and 'quality master' in the same measuring room.
Gauge block calibration / Quality Master

Asanuma Giken has acquired gauge block calibration accreditation from JCSS(lab code:JCSS0087)/NVLAP(lab code:200536-0). Additionally, we developed our original Quality Master daily check tool for CMM. To calibrate this tool, our laboratory was the first calibration laboratory in Japan to be accredited NVLAP(lab code:200536-0) for dimensional measurements.


Quality Master / A new hope

Quality Master enables "daily inspection" of CMMs.
It will rescue you from such darkness to see if the CMM is working properly.
Easy way and best handling, can be managed as you wish.
Why don't you do daily inspection of your CMM by yourself?

We have a R&D center that is independent of production, where we conduct basic and applied research on aluminum alloys and their casting methods, and work toward the development and practical application of new production methods. We utilizes craftsmanship accumulated over many years, together with advanced aluminum casting techniques including thixo-casting processes for casting semisolid aluminum to offer proposals for that previously impossible to manufacture.