Commissioned Measurement, Gauge Block Calibration




最大許容長さ測定誤差「0.3+L/1000μm」という驚異的数字を誇る、 Carl Zeiss社製超高精度三次元座標測定機「XENOS」
Our newest coordinate measuring machine (CMM) called Zeiss Xenos is a high-end measuring machine for maximum precision. We are the "world's first" company to introduce an automatic pallet changer system (6APC) on it. We provide precision measurement service to carry out dimensional measurements of objects in an optimal way using the CMM. Our laboratory is temperature controlled and utilizes Zeiss Xenos and three Accretech CMM’s.


クォリティーマスターは三次元測定機の『日常点検』を可能にします。 NIST(米国技術研究所)とトレーサビリティを確立した 三次元測定機日常点検ツールです。 毎日の測定データ収集から、三次元測定機の傾向を把握することができます。 日常のデータを管理することで、測定機の異常を早期に発見することが可能になります。

Quality Master

Quality Master has achieved traceability with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology,USA) By collecting the daily measurement data, users can grasp the tendency of the CMM. Monitoring the data on a day-to-day basis enables users to recognize abnormality of the CMM at early stage. In actual workpiece measurement, the attitude of the probe head doesn’t stay in one direction. Our ‘Quality Master’ is to be measured using the four directions of probe head, whitch enables users to recognize attitude errors as well.


ブロックゲージの校正事業者として国家認定JCSS (lab code:JCSS0087)及び米国認定のNVLAPを認定(Accreditation)取得しており(lab code:200536-0)、MRA(国際相互認証)に対応しておりますので国内・国外におけるトレーサビリティが確立できます。ぜひ、浅沼技研のブロックゲージ校正サービスをご利用ください。

Gauge block calibration

The traceability of measuring instruments is strongly required even among international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and QS9000, and will become more and more indispensable in the future. As a calibration service provider for gauge blocks, we have acquired national certification for JCSS(lab code:JCSS0087) and NVLAP(lab code:200536-0), and are compatible with MRA (International Mutual Authentication), so traceability can be established both in Japan and overseas.